About Asterra

Asterra was founded in 2005, as an ordinary shop in natural textiles, at the Hooigracht in Leiden by Helga van Ruijven. The founding of Asterra originated from a longing to pay a contribution to care, warmth and comfort for children and adults. Clothing can be an important means to reach that. The name Asterra is a conjunction of the Latin words “aster” (=star) and” terra” (=earth): a connection of heaven and earth.

In 2007 the shop was converted into a web shop with an adjusted assortment of articles. The most important product are woolen, silk and woolen/silk underwear. Apart from this we sell some other (woolen) baby articles, woolen socks, woolen hats shawls and gloves. All articles of Asterra have been produced in a responsible way, with respect for people, animals and nature.




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